How to choose the right vibrator and not regret anything

A detailed guide will help you decide on the type and functions.

Decide on the area to be stimulated

Most women get orgasms just from clitoral stimulation, so clitoral vibrators are usually easier to guess. But this does not mean that other areas do not need to be excited.


This is a win-win. The most famous vibrator is Hitachi’s Magic Wand (they removed the brand from the name to avoid the reputation of a sex toy manufacturer). It was originally supposed to be a neck and back massager, but like Viagra, it turned out there was a better use.

This is the most recognizable toy in the world. The vibrator lit up not only in porn, but also in films and TV shows, for example, in Sex and the City. It was also studied from a medical point of view. So, with the help of an orgasm device, 465 out of 500 women who did not enjoy sex achieved.

After that, the idea of ​​vibration to stimulate the clitoris was embodied in all sizes and shapes: a butterfly, a lipstick case, a ring, a bullet, bunnies, octopuses, and much more. So you can choose a model that will not resemble a sex toy at all .

A new era of clitoral vibrators began with the discovery of non-contact vacuum stimulators. The toy draws in air and, as it were, sucks on the clitoris – it feels like a good cunnilingus. Such devices are ideal for girls with sensitive clitoris, and for those who find it difficult to achieve orgasm (for example, due to antidepressants). According to many women (including me!), orgasm occurs in less than a minute.

the right vibratorThe iPhone of the sex toy world is Womanizer Premium. It is almost silent, and without contact with the skin it generally calms down. It has a wide range of intensity for different sensitivities. And it’s also waterproof.

If the price is still intimidating, there are more affordable models with similar technology from other brands, such as Satysfyer.


Submersible vibrators stimulate the sensitive area on the anterior wall of the vagina. At the same time, they can simulate friction. Perhaps not everyone will get an orgasm in this way, but there will definitely be a lot of impressions.

Clitoris and vagina

These are rabbits, or vibrators with two processes that simultaneously act on the clitoris from the outside and from the inside. Usually the vaginal part is larger than the clitoral part. Rabbits can also be used for double penetration, but then a condom must be put on the anal part.

Another form is a brace, like the We‑Vibe. They can be customized to individual shapes, as well as used during penetrative sex. Personally, the last one didn’t work for me. And I liked the stimulation of the solo less than with the Womanizer: probably, you need to get used to the vibrator. One way or another, my very beautiful and technological device is gathering dust in the box. But it Read the rest


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How to have sex the right way

Check if you know everything about good sex.

There are no rules in sex, but there are wishes based on common sense and scientific research. Perhaps some of our recommendations will seem obvious. However, as experience shows, sometimes it is useful to remind yourself of the simplest things.

Don’t take sex too seriously

Of course, sex is an important part of our lives. It improves health, improves sleep, improves mood. But if you take intimacy too seriously – set standards for yourself, work out a scenario from which you cannot deviate, then the element of the game leaves the bed. You become too demanding of yourself and your partner. And as a result, instead of pleasure and benefit, you get dissatisfaction and frustration.

Get Consent Every Time

And consent must be active. This means that the adult is conscious, not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and voluntarily verbalizes that he wants sex. Consent is given for each type of interaction, not for everything at once, and it can be withdrawn at any time. If the partner changes his mind , you need to stop immediately.

Turn off your smartphones

Do you take your smartphone into the bedroom with it on? You are twice as likely to spend an hour before bed with a device in your hands as you are romantically connected to a partner lying next to you. These are the results of a study conducted among Americans.

  • 25% of respondents admitted that the screen of a smartphone (not the face of a loved one) is the last thing they see before going to bed;
  • 55% understand that too close communication with the gadget reduces the quality of their intimate life;
  • 35% say that sex has suffered greatly because of the smartphone.

Conclusion? If there is no way (or willpower) to turn off the mobile until the morning, then at least put it on the Do Not Disturb mode.

Make time for foreplay

How good sex will be depends largely on foreplay . And foreplay is almost as important for men as it is for women. According to research , lovers of both sexes need 18-19 minutes to warm up well. But due to lack of time or the impatience of one of the partners, the prelude lasts an average of 11-13 minutes.

Talk about sex

Many are embarrassed by conversations on intimate topics. It is difficult to share desires even with a person with whom you have been sleeping in the same bed for years. Still, the only way to get the sex you want is to talk about it.

Look into each other’s eyes

At least from time to time. Eye contact enhances arousal and helps establish a deeper emotional connection. If it’s still embarrassing for you to look into each other’s eyes for a long time during sex, exchange short glances, holding them for at least a couple of seconds . And over time, develop this ability – to feel real intimacy.


Read the rest

Brief Walk Along The River Thames in London

Walking through the river themes in London provides a captivating journey through the city’s history, culture, and iconic landmarks. Here’s a brief walk-through of some of the notable river themes in London:

  1. The Thames: Start your walk along the banks of the River Thames, the heart and soul of London. Take in the picturesque views of iconic landmarks such as the Tower Bridge, the Houses of Parliament with Big Ben, and the majestic London Eye. The Thames has been a vital lifeline for the city, shaping its growth and serving as a bustling trade route for centuries.
  2. Historic Wharves and Docks: As you continue your walk, explore the historic wharves and docks along the river. Places like St. Katharine Docks and Canary Wharf showcase the city’s maritime past, with beautifully restored warehouses and vibrant waterfront developments. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of these areas, where modern architecture blends harmoniously with the remnants of London’s industrial heritage.
  3. Riverfront Walkways: London offers several scenic walkways that hug the river’s edge, providing an ideal route for exploring its diverse neighborhoods. The South Bank, for instance, is home to renowned cultural institutions like the Tate Modern and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Enjoy street performers, bustling markets, and riverside cafes as you stroll along this vibrant promenade.
  4. River Cruises: Consider taking a river cruise to experience London from a different perspective. Hop on a boat and sail down the Thames, passing under iconic bridges and enjoying panoramic views of the city’s skyline. These cruises offer a relaxing way to take in the sights and learn about the historical significance of various landmarks along the river.
  5. Hidden Gems: Look out for hidden gems nestled along the riverbanks. Explore narrow alleyways and find charming pubs, riverside gardens, and lesser-known landmarks. The Richmond area, for example, boasts tranquil riverside paths, lush parks, and the famous Richmond Lock.
  6. Thames Path: For the more adventurous walkers, the Thames Path offers a long-distance trail that stretches over 180 miles, following the river from its source in the Cotswolds to the Thames Barrier in London. You can choose to explore specific sections or embark on a multi-day trek to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the river and its surroundings.

walk by thamesRemember to check the tides and plan your walk accordingly, as some areas may be affected by high or low tide levels. Whether you choose to explore the bustling city center or venture into the quieter outskirts, walking along the river themes in London provides a captivating journey through the heart of the city’s history, culture, and natural beauty.

The Thames Barrier

Start your journey at the eastern end of London, where the River Thames meets the North Sea. Here you’ll find the impressive Thames Barrier, a monumental structure designed to protect the city from tidal surges. Learn about the engineering marvel behind this barrier and its crucial role in safeguarding London.


Head west along the river and arrive at the historic district of Greenwich. Explore the iconic Cutty Sark, … Read the rest


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Няколко качества, които можете да откриете във всички блондинки на страхотни гаджета с лазерен карбонов пилинг

Това е добре известен факт, че много мъже се радват на блондинки вместо на други жени и няма какво да се крие в това. Но ако вярвате, че мъжките не изглеждат с друго качество в блондинките, грешите за това, тъй като мъжете се надяват да видят толкова много други качества и в своите блондинки. И ако бихте наели страхотни гаджети с лазерен карбонов пилинг, тогава ще намерите всички тези качества на най-добрите блондинки във всички прекрасни и платени жени спътници и това е един огромен фактор, дължащ се на факта, че от които мъжете обичат да се мотаят с млади момичета с лазерен карбонов пилинг.

Говорейки за тези качества, които всички мъже искат да видят в блондинки, можете да го откриете във всички млади момичета с лазерен карбонов пилинг, споделям го изброено по-долу с вас.

Информиран: Няма значение какво казват хората за блондинките, много момчета в София предпочитат онези блондинки, които са образовани и имат висше образование. И когато наемат прекрасни момичета във Варна, те получават секси приятели, които са добре информирани и добре уведомени. Това е качество, което мъжете Варна могат да видят в почти всички зашеметяващи и секси спътници.

Красиви очи: Очите са огледалото на душата, а момчета от София предпочитат блондинки с прекрасни очи. Това е причина, когато момчетата наемат жени чрез млади момичета с лазерен карбонов пилинг, тогава те предпочитат да изберат онези дами, които имат прекрасни и привлекателни очи, които могат да привлекат всеки мъж. Освен това мъжете също искат да видят истината в очите на жените, което не е изключително често срещано качество, но те откриват това качество по същия начин в много страхотни гаджети с лазерен карбонов пилинг.

Super Sexy BrunetkaПерфектна усмивка: Усмивката е единственият език, който може да направи връзка между 2 индивида, без да говори дума с уста. Това е друго качество, което всички момчета искат да видят в своите момичета и момчетата получават това качество във всички блондинки на страхотни гаджета с лазерен карбонов пилинг.

Перфектно тяло: Блондинките без перфектна фигура не са предпочитан избор от всички момчета и не обвинявам хората за това. В интерес на истината, всички мъже искат само онези жени, които имат най-добро тяло, а мъжете не харесват тези момичета, които нямат горещо и горещо тяло. Страхотни гаджети с лазерен карбонов пилинг успяват да получат това качество в себе си и по този начин им предлагат страхотни услуги.

Лесен график: Мъжете не искат да тичат след момичета и когато се опитват да получат блондинки, те лесно ги получават. Същото качество могат да намерят и сред страхотни гаджети с лазерен карбонов пилинг. За това хората просто изискват да се свържат с отличен бизнес и след това могат да изберат приятел. И ако дадено лице иска да избере друг бизнес или компания за тази услуга, то може да направи това по същия начин без никакъв проблем или проблем.

Някои фантастични качества, които откривам във всички горещи момичета от страхотни гаджета с лазерен карбонов пилинг

Смятам се за голям фен на страхотни гаджети с лазерен карбонов пилинг и ползвам услугите Read the rest